How to Measure a Saddle Gullet

Trying to figure out how wide your saddle should be? First, you need to know the dimensions of the withers. It is critical when buying your first saddle or replacing an old one. To do this, you may use a saddle gauge. Then, you can place the gauge over the horse’s withers. However, there are a few more ways to measure the saddle gullet. Once you have the measurement, you can buy a new saddle that has the correct width for your horse. This measurement is important for your horse’s health and comfort, so don’t underestimate the importance of the gullet width.

Gullet width

The gullet is the tunnel between the panels of the saddle, and if it is too narrow, the weight of the rider will rest on the horse’s spine. Saddle gullets are part of a dynamic system that supports lateral movement and helps to distribute the weight evenly across the horse’s spine. When saddle gullets are too wide, the panels are impacted and may not properly distribute the rider’s weight. On the other hand, a saddle with a too narrow gullet may pinch the withers and cause pressure sores. That is why it is important to know how to measure saddle gullet width before making a purchase. Saddle fitters can help determine the correct gullet width.

Saddle tree closeup from the front

To determine the correct size of a saddle, it is important to measure the gullet width using two senses. You should be able to view the air cylinder halfway through the saddle. Make sure you can fit two or three fingers between the front edge of the gullet and the withers. If there is any extra room, your saddle may be too large or too loose.

Before measuring the gullet width, you should also know how to measure the tree size. The width of a saddle depends on how far the sides of the tree are apart. You should also consider the angle of the tree. If the saddle is too wide, it will not fit the horse properly.

Measuring saddle gullet

To measure the saddle gullet width, you must first determine the shape of the wither. It is important to consider the shape of the horse when selecting the correct size. By knowing the shape of the wither, you can determine the correct gullet width for your horse. You can also consult a professional to help you choose the correct size.

Prestige Italia X-Perience saddle

There are a few methods of measuring a saddle’s gullet. One of the easiest is to lay a piece of measuring tape across the saddle’s front. Another way to measure saddle gullet length is to try it on your horse to ensure that it fits correctly. You should be able to insert your finger into the saddle gullet. The gullet should fit evenly on the horse’s back.

A clothes hanger can also be used to measure the gullet width on a horse. Bend it over the horse’s withers until it is even with the hanger. It should be about two inches below the horse’s shoulder blade, leaving a two to three-finger gap between the saddle’s bottom and the horse’s withers. To calculate the length of the gullet, you can use this method or seek advice of a professional.

When measuring the width of a saddle gullet, it is essential to consider the junctions of various muscle groups around the wither. For instance, the multifidus muscle, located near the spine, connects the core of the neck to the withers. The semispinalis muscle connects the back and neck and promotes intervertebral joint movements. This information is very important to get the correct fit.